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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Depth Perception

Ahh... a day in the life of...

There's a certain amount of truth found in this diagram.  Sorry supporters... I still wear the same size clothes as I did in Kansas.  Local people have actually told a friend of mine that they prayed for him to be blessed... with more money to spend on them.  Most of the time, I'm just trying to find opportunities to help anybody and make myself understood.

This is Kingdom work: day in, day out, loving people quietly and faithfully.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Waste Not, Want Not

We are immersed in Animal Health training this week out in Boon's village.  His church has given us space for meeting and the participants are staying with Boon's neighbors. It has been a full two days of learning and there are three more to come.  Yesterday we killed a goat for necropsy, looking at all the different parts and learning how to castrate. Not an inch of the poor little guy was wasted - the skin is drying to make machete covers and the blood was used in a curry last night for dinner. We will have a graduation celebration on Thursday night complete with a barbecue.  You can guess who will be the main dish.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Finding the Forgotten

Last week as part of my job, I and a few others had the opportunity to visit Sangkhlaburi, a region a few hours west of Bangkok and up in the mountains just a few kilometers away from Myanmar.  We went down to evaluate a small project for Burmese refugees that began almost 30 years ago when one Burmese couple, Paw Lu Lu and Nandoe, along with their 4 small children fled to Thailand and began taking the sick and injured into their home.

With Nandoe and Paw Lu Lu in their living room
They have been taking long-forgotten people in ever since.

Spinning thread onto spools for loom weaving
Now, their ministry includes a Safe House for mentally and physically injured or traumatized people who are unable to care for themselves and have no family to care for them.  Nearby, the Elderly House was born out of a love for those who are alone and vulnerable in their later years, needing special support and care.  There is a Children's House, where orphans, castoffs, and the children of Safe House residents live and have an opportunity to receive education.  And there's a small preschool for Burmese children inside the borders of the Burmese refugee camp just down the road.  These are the forgotten people.  Quite literally the orphans and the widows that Jesus spoke about.

Paw Lu Lu helping with back strap weaving.  The Kingdom of God at work.

The residents have an opportunity to learn skills that will bring peace to their troubled hearts and minds and help them make an income, such as loom weaving, sewing, a special type of ethnic weaving called back strap, and broom making.  And thanks to 30 years of love and care from Nandoe and Paw Lu Lu and their staff who view themselves as family and rightful partakers at Paw Lu Lu's ever-available kitchen table, there is a long list of residents who have healed and received enough skills training to go on and make a new life for themselves.

Burmese preschool kids

Talking in the preschool with the teachers about why they love their jobs.

Weaving the beautiful fabric the Karen people are known for.

It was a sweet week to watch what God is doing with the lives of a faithful couple that desire to live for Him.