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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Best Job In The World

September is behind us, putting to end one of the most hectic seasons I've experienced since living here.  Half of the month was spent in training with two groups covering both Animal Health and Public Health, while using the leftover days to frantically figure out the last minute details of every aspect of both trainings, which could have done with a little more attention if we're being honest.

It's been a weird phenomenon over the past year for me, which I account to my yet "newbie" status as an Animal Health trainer.  Stress and fear are telltale signs that a training is approaching, and dread on the first day.  And once the participants arrive, and the ball gets rolling, I drive home late, exhausted and dirty every night.  And completely delighted.

Sometimes I still can't believe God gave me such an awesome job.

Here are a few highlights...

Learning how to give shots - practicing on oranges first:

At Boon's Livestock Learning Center:

Waiting for his shot of dewormer:

 Excited to prepare fecals to look for parasites:

 Even more excited to find parasite eggs (and lots of them!):

Our last day, the neighbor asked us to come out and look at his pigs.  3 babies had died suddenly.  We posted one and were able to tell him why it died (acute interstitial pneumonia):

We also had some cultural lessons - learning a children's song from one of the tribes:

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