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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A New Year's Benediction

May the agency of thy grace prepare us for thy dispensations.
Make us willing that thou shouldest choose our inheritance and determine what we should retain or lose, suffer or enjoy;
If blessed with prosperity may we be free from its snares, and use, not abuse its advantages;
May we patiently and cheerfully submit to those afflictions which are necessary.

May 2013 make us more like Christ.

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  1. Dear Rachel Buffington,
    I tried sending you a message on Facebook but didn't know the best way of contacting you.
    After reading numerous stories of your work in Thailand through cvm, I was excited to contact you. My friend and I have booked plane tickets for a year in Thailand next year, hoping to dive into the unique culture and use some of our passions to volunteer our time while there. I am currently a Pre-Veterinary student very interested in animal and human medicine, as well as agriculture. I have had plenty of clinical experience assisting surgeries and giving vaccinations so far, but now am looking for a way to volunteer while In thailand. Your work as a veterinary care teacher looks amazing! I am curious if you may have any suggestions of organizations/people that may be in need to two eager college students ready to get their hands dirty and allow God to lead them in any direction for the following year. I am trying to stay away from large "tourist" organizations that may provide a way to pay hundreds of dollars to volunteer. Instead, I want to find out what the need is locally in the area and if there is a way to help out either in the medical or veterinary field.

    I hope this message finds you well and know that any information is greatly appreciated.
    Thanks you so much!

    God Bless
    Rachel Chambers (


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